Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Eyeliner Ever!

I've been wearing make-up since I was 2-years-old performing as a dancer in numerous shows until I was in my teens. So, it's no wonder at age 31, I'm still a huge fan of "painting my face". Black eye make-up is my main weakness. I go lighter with it for day and create a smokey eye for nighttime and special occasions). I put my eye liner on both top and bottom lids.
I've been SO over eye pencils for a long time because they don't work that great. (Unless you know that the trick is to burn them for 2 seconds after you sharpen them). There's still always a chance of getting a splinter though. Ever cut your eye on the unsharpened edge of an eye pencil? Uh-huh! Hurts! Sure, there are liquid liners out that you can use, but if you're like me and have experimented, it's likely that you've also gotten it IN your eye which lead to big black tears or you've had it ALL OVER your eyes because you have to magically keep your eyes from blinking while it takes forever to dry. This is why I became SO impressed with and fell madly in love with MAC's Penultimate eye liner!
This liquid liner is actually inside this marker-like utensil. When you draw the lines on, it dries instantly! You are able to draw your best cat eyes and anything else you might like as you have complete control over where the make-up is going. It's definitely on my Christmas list!

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  1. great blog entry! i use my hair dryer on the cold setting to dry my liquid eyeliner & my fake eyelash glue it works great but it would be even better if i could remove that extra element! can't wait to try ti! xoxo